‘Not having cameras was our lifeline’


More excerpts of conversations between Robinho and his friends that were decisive for the player’s sentence, in the first instance, to nine years in prison by the Italian Justice were revealed on Sunday (18) by the TV show Esporte Espetacular, from TV Globo. The sentence speaks of the practice of group sexual violence after an accusation by a woman of Albanian origin

In one of them, the player talks to Ricardo Falco, also convicted in the same process.

Falco – “If she were a smarter girl, two days later, she would have said: ‘Listen, I did some exams … Robinho, or you give me some money or I will look for the newspapers …’. Then I would say it’s over. The girl did the exams, it’s over. Got it? “

Robinho – “First, because we didn’t touch the girl. The boys touched her [referindo-se aos outros quatro brasileiros envolvidos no caso que estão sendo processados à parte porque deixaram a Itália durante o processo]. Second, there is no evidence. “

Falco – “Nothing.”

Robinho – “She didn’t have a camera, she doesn’t have a photo.”

Last Friday (16), GloboEsporte.com had already revealed several dialogues between Robinho and his friends. At night, after a lot of pressure from sponsors and public opinion, the 36-year-old striker and Santos they suspended the contract they had signed a few days ago – it didn’t even debut.

Robinho and his friends were monitored, with authorization from the Italian Justice, after the opening of the process. The police wiretapped everyone involved as of January 2014, including wiretapping inside the athlete’s vehicle.

And the recordings of these conversations between them, over the phone, are crucial for the case, considered by the Justice of the European country as “self-accusatory”.

Elsewhere, Falco speaks again. And it shows relief that the place where it happened, in the early hours of January 22, 2013 [Robinho jogava pelo Milan à época], the Sio Café nightclub in Milan, does not have cameras.

Falco – “My only concern is that I had cameras, because if I had cameras, they would have recorded that I was fucking the girl. The fact that I didn’t have cameras was our salvation.”

Falco – “That day she couldn’t do anything, not even stand, she was really out of her mind.”

Robinho – “Sim.”

Robinho’s conviction is not final. There are two other instances in Italy, and the Milan Court of Appeal will review the player’s appeal, in a second instance, starting December 10.


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