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Now it’s time for Trump

WASHINGTON DC (VG) Donald Trump has turned the White House into a pool of infection. He’s short of money. And he rattles like a disturbed man.

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Trump is sinking like a rock in the polls. There are many indications that his campaign is struggling financially. They have pulled pre-ordered TV commercials for millions of dollars in major tipping states. Challenger Joe Biden seems to be making more money in these crucial last few weeks.

In many ways, we have become accustomed to Trump’s erratic outbursts and shocking statements. He has created a new low for what a head of state in a democracy can do. A kind of immunity to madness. A protection that allows us to still sleep at night, despite the fact that our closest ally is constantly shaking at the fragile world order that has existed in the years since World War II.

Not out of danger

But this week has brought us down to a new level. After Donald Trump left Walter Reed Hospital on Monday night, after only three days in hospital, he has appeared completely out of balance. Those who had hoped that his own illness experience would give him more compassion for the millions of Americans who have been ill, or the many who have lost one of theirs, were disappointed. On the contrary. The message from Trump is that the disease is not serious, that infection control is not important, and that he is a superman who does not bite.

Trump’s own infection control expert, Anthony Fauci, says the president is not out of danger yet. He can get very sick again. This is how this disease is. There is widespread agreement among medical experts that it is impossible to establish with certainty that Trump is no longer a carrier, even though Trump himself claims that he is now infection-free.

Krakilsk and untamed

The only possibility that Trump can not actually infect others now is that he has been ill for much longer than we know. The White House will not say when he last took a negative covid test, that is, when he was last healthy. If it’s been a long time, and Trump has been ill for a long time before the public found out, he has in fact posed a danger to the people he has met, for a long time.

Donald Trump undermines infection control in the United States. He sent another strong signal about this when he tore off his mask after arriving at the White House on Monday night. Foto: Erin Scott / X06860

Trump has appeared even more crackling and tamed this past week. He has described the Democratic vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, as “a monster”, he still has his tirades against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, he has more than hinted that his own justice minister is part of a conspiracy against Trump, and he has criticized the FBI. the boss for ignoring election fraud. On top of it all, he says that covid is not dangerous, at the same time as he continues to spoil infection control measures.

Even one of his closest supporters, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, has been critical of White House infection control. He has stated that he has not been to the White House since August 6, because he believed that infection control was not good enough. In other words, one of Trump’s closest supporters has not ventured near the president’s office because he feared infection.

Trump does as he pleases

Who dares to stop him? No. The doctors let him leave the hospital after three days, surrounded by people with no infection control equipment other than a simple mask. According to the Norwegian Communicable Diseases Act, someone who behaved in this way would probably have been arrested, at least in solitary confinement.

But Trump is president. He does as he pleases. And he has said that he already today, Saturday, will go out on the road again. Then we’ll see if anyone is able to stop him. Or whether the President of the United States actually travels again, with the risk he poses as a carrier. Both for those he meets and for those who will protect him.

Guard outside the west wing of the White House. Donald Trump has put many of those who work for him at risk for his lax relationship with infection control, Foto: CHIP SOMODEVILLA / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

Many in his security apparatus are anxious about infection. Naturally. These are people who have committed to take a bullet for the President of the United States. They know that they must throw themselves in front of the president if he is attacked, they must die if it is necessary for him to live.

In debt to strangers

But now it is the president who is endangering their lives. The bullet, in the form of corona infection, comes from the president himself. Against the people who will protect him. Anyone who invented something like that in a novel just a few years ago had been dismissed as unrealistic. Today, this is a reality.

The reality can be even worse than what we see. One question that has arisen is whether powerful and unknown actors have a hidden grip on the President of the United States. The New York Times recently reviewed Trump’s tax situation and parts of his private finances. According to the newspaper, he has a debt of almost 4 billion kroner, which falls due over the next four years. The world does not know who he owes money to. It is in itself a security risk that the world’s most powerful man is in deep debt to someone we do not know who is.

There has long been reason to worry about the situation in the United States. This week, the unrest has not abated. The hope is that Joe Biden looks set to win the election. But there are still over three weeks left. If there is one thing these last four years have taught us, it is that anything can happen.

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