Now you can hum that Google finds out what music is


How many times do we have that song in our head and we don’t know the title, or the name of who sings it? This situation will certainly not be strange to you, much less rare. Now, as long as you know a little excerpt of the song, just hum the same as the Google will reveal all the details to you.

The search giant announced an update to its Google search application, on the smartphone, where you just touch the microphone icon and say, “What song is this?” and then sing the excerpt of the music you know. Once you’re done, Google will try to search for the song based solely on the melody.

Google discovers music with a simple hum

According to Google, this is achieved because it uses a machine learning algorithm:

“After finishing humming, our machine learning algorithm helps to identify possible matches of songs. And don’t worry, you don’t need the perfect pitch to use this feature. We’ll show you the most likely options based on the melody. ”

At the moment, Google claims that the feature only works in English, and on devices iOS, but will support over 20 languages ​​on the operating system Android, with plans to launch support for even more languages ​​in the future.

It is a very interesting feature, although we assume that its operation varies, but you can try your luck if you really need to know the name of the song.


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