Nubank warns of card cancellation in case of invoice tricks


THE Nubank said he could cancel some users’ credit cards. Despite being known for offering countless possibilities of financial control, with varied options for installment of debts, many customers have used tricks to circumvent the payment system of the Roxinho invoice.

The means used for this purpose comes from digital wallets. For them, the customer registers a credit card that can then be used to make transactions via QR Code in physical stores, recharge the cell phone, pay for application services and pay bills, including invoices.

Fraud in payment of the Nubank invoice

Nubank found that some users have registered the institution’s credit card in digital wallets to postpone payment of the invoice. The practice, which avoids late interest charges, it takes place exactly through digital wallets, such as Mercado Pago, PicPay or RecargaPay.

In them, the customer uses the functionalities of the tool to pay the boleto with the credit card limit itself. Thus, when paying the invoice through a digital wallet, the user basically postpones the amount to the following month without incurring the revolving interest, which varies between 2.75% and 14% per month.

In addition, the feature also allows you to deposit money into your Nubank account, using a bank slip, using the card limit. For this, the customer pays for another application using Nubank credit. Then, the transfer to the account is made, without interest.

Nubank issues alert to users

After seeing the number of cases related to digital fraud increase considerably, Nubank informed users who practice such an act that the card could be canceled if the misuse is proven.

“The use of the card for payment of the invoice itself or for deposits in the Nubank account may be considered improper and may result in the card being blocked or canceled,” the company said in a note.

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A fintech he added that this type of situation can be characterized as disrespect to the contract agreed between bank and client. Based on this, the institution can make the cancellation “at any time and without the need to specify the reason”. If this happens, the customer will be notified 5 days in advance.

Nubank and digital wallets

It is essential to reinforce that Nubank is not against the use of digital wallets, but suggests that its use has other purposes, such as for payment of consumption bills, for example: water bills, electricity and telephone.

The statement issued by the company aimed to avoid further problems and thus guarantee the protection of its users’ financial budget. It is understood that this type of trick compromises the business model adopted by fintech.

Whoever is having difficulty settling the invoice, Nubank suggests as an alternative the loan at an average rate of 4.13% per month for customers who have a Nubank account. The alternative generates less risk of default and promotes the relationship of well-being between consumer and company.

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