Nurse takes her own life because she can’t stand the pressure, says Jorge Gabriel


A nurse took her own life this week and Jorge Gabriel wanted to pay tribute to him on social media. The presenter of ‘Praça da Alegria’ quoted the words of a friend on the subject.

This week a nurse at Hospital de S. João gave up. He couldn’t stand the pressure. A friend of Alice wrote the following: ‘Alice couldn’t take it anymore. Lost the magic. The charm of its exterior, but above all it lost the magic of its soul‘”, Began by writing Jorge Gabriel.

“’Alice stopped believing in a country and a world that left almost everything behind in favor of a single storm, Covid-19. Alice needed help. ‘ We never depend on each other so much. Rest in peace“It simply came to our notice then.

In the presenter’s Instagram comment box, there are messages to regret the situation. Remember that this week also the founder of the band ‘Santa Maria, Tony Lemos, was found dead at home, after fighting a depression several months ago.

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