October 17 is National Vaccination Day


Tomorrow, October 17th, is National Vaccination Day. The date was created by the Ministry of Health to warn about the importance of vaccines in the control and prevention of epidemics. In times of long waiting for immunization against Covid-19, discussions about the importance of the vaccine are in evidence. In contrast, there is also a growing worldwide movement to challenge vaccines, the so-called anti-vaccine movement.

The National Afternoon spoke with Mônica Levi, Director of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations about the importance of vaccination. The specialist warns of the low rates of vaccination coverage in Brazil. For her, the main reason, in this case in our country, is not the fake news, but convenience. “This generation of current parents does not live with the serious illnesses that parents of other generations had”, he observes, recalling the very real fear of parents of other generations of having their children affected by paralysis due to polio. “People are not aware that if we don’t have high vaccination coverage, we could be in that situation again, it would be a setback.”

Listen to the full interview:

The Federal Government launched earlier this month the National Vaccination Campaign against Polio and Multivaccination, with a focus on updating the handbooks of children and adolescents and for vaccination of children against Poliomyelitis. The goal is to immunize 95% of the 11.2 million children under the age of 5, the campaign’s target audience. The mobilization, which started on the 5th, runs through October 30th.

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