Odair says that Fluminense looked for a draw by hard and regrets a new injury at the beginning: “Athletes go to the limit” | fluminense


After the 2-2 draw with Ceará this Saturday night, for the 17th round of the Brasileirão, coach Odair Hellmann opened the press conference lamenting the loss of another player at the beginning of the game. In the last round, against Atlético-MG, Fernando Pacheco left the field in the first minutes. This time, Yago Felipe was the one who got hurt and needed to be replaced.

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– Injuries always happen in football, but when you have a requirement like what is happening now, players are much more likely to injure themselves. It does not mean that injuries cannot happen when you have a space of time, because athletes go to the physical limit. But when you have this situation of not being able to make the best recovery, all teams and players have a greater risk. We had a high intensity game on Wednesday night, we arrived at dawn, we trained one day, 48 hours later we were already on the pitch and we suffered the consequences in today’s game – said the coach, who greatly regretted the loss of Yago Philip:

– Yago was already well adapted to movements with and without the ball. It was an already natural movement that was happening and that strengthened the midfield. With his loss, André entered well, very well. But, of course, if Yago stayed in the game, we might not have lost that control of possession after 20 minutes and maybe we would have maintained this possession, despite André’s good entrance, which has a different characteristic.

“Unfortunately, the injury happened, as it also happened at Atlético-MG. This created difficulties, but André is to be congratulated for the game he played too. He is another great player that Fluminense reveals for Brazilian football,” he added.

Odair Hellmann, from Fluminense, in action against Ceará – Photo: André Durão / ge

Odair exposed his analysis of Fluminense’s performance and confessed that the team’s performance was bad, especially from the first half onwards.

– We managed to print our game until the first 20 minutes and then Ceará managed to grow, managed to create danger without many clear situations and had more possession of the ball. We were not able to have control through possession and this made the opponent grow in the match and then the set-piece goal came out. In the second half, I made the modifications and also the system so that we could regain control of the game through possession and pass. It ended up not happening, the 2 to 1 comes out and then you have to expose yourself in such a way to seek at least the tie and then seek the turn. It ends up giving space to the opposing team, which has a characteristic of physical imposition, competition and fast transition. So you end up exposing yourself to these situations – analyzed the coach.

“But, fortunately, today we managed, through a lot of strength, will and perspiration to seek a tie”, he added.

– It’s not what we wanted. We wanted to win at home, those three points, but there was a draw in a physical and tactical overcoming of the players. From the age of 35 we managed to stay a little longer with this control to try to get the tie, which came out at the end. But today we were not able to make a good game technically. We were unable to maintain the possession situation and this ends up creating a better situation for the opponent and difficulties for us. That week we played three games in six days and that weighed heavily. But it’s important for us to evaluate the entire sequence of six games without losing at home, we haven’t lost yet. But in the Brazilian Championship it is not enough, you have to look for points away from home, you have to win away and at home and the more you do this regularly, the more you are at the top of the table, as we are and we remained in the G-6 . Of course, we get upset because we didn’t get the three points, but we will recover all of them, train hard so that we can resume victories at home – concluded Odair.

Yago Felipe, from Fluminense, left the field early on in the thigh pain – Photo: André Durão / ge

See other points from Odair Hellmann’s interview:

Plans for Lucca’s debut

– It is readaptation to football, another type of training, another level of training. The substitutions I made were for attacking players: Marcos Paulo, Caio Paulista, Felipe, Ganso … Players who were to try to rescue this possession of ours, this force of maintaining the pass and possession so that we could regain control of the game and seek that victory. So, in the end, I put both center forward because we needed an imposition because we were getting at least to the sides of the field. Ceará made the center of the field too difficult. We got there and needed a better definition. So, Felipe’s option there at the end. I could have brought Marcos Paulo inside and put Lucca open or put inside, but my option at the moment was to give that weight in the area, which was when the goal happened because we triangulated well from the side and defined it. One center forward moved the first stick, took the mark, the other propped up and Danilo’s surprise entry. So, it worked. Lucca will have his opportunity, like all players. We have a lot of players in the role and I can’t get all of them in the same game at the same time. At some point a player with some characteristic will enter, at another time another player with another characteristic will enter. Lucca will also have an opportunity throughout the Championship.

Lineup differences

– I have not praised the team on Wednesday, I have praised the team in the last six games. Regardless of the lineup, I have praised the group for its performance. Nenê and Fred were starting and started playing again. It wasn’t specifically Wednesday. I also praised the team that played with Nenê and Fred and we beat Bahia. There is no differentiation for me.

– In the conjecture of evaluating the whole, of the sequence of six matches with three away from home, we looked for a point against Botafogo away from home, which is a classic, we looked for a point against Atlético-MG that everyone said that these three points were off the hike. And if you add that point it is a victory at home and you would not beat Botafogo and Atlético-MG in the sum of the points in a regular walk in a championship of 38 rounds. But draw at home, just because of the circumstances of the game. We play to win, we want to win. We don’t get frustrated because we still managed to seek a tie at the end of the game through imposition and fight until the end, which is a characteristic of this group. But of course we would like to seek victory. In the conjecture of the whole journey, it is one more point. Unfortunately it was not all three, but we have the next game at home so we can look for those three points and continue in the G-6, at the top of the table, seeking the first places.

Goals and objectives for the week

“Take the opportunity to recover the players, do a week of strong training so that we get strong in each game. Each game will be treated as a final, that we have to impose in all phases of the game and achieve victories and good performances and good results for us to continue this good journey, which until now is excellent “.

– This is a great project. Young player who is making the transition from basic to professional, those who have passed the age of juniors, those who have not yet passed … Because sometimes some players overcome stages and make a faster move. But the club has contracts with many players who are older than the U-20s and you need to use these players, mature, and the more the possibility of this integrated work, the more we envision making more players and making these players establish within Fluminense and within the professional group. And the player needs to play, especially the base player. Grassroots player who is of the grassroots age or who is in this transition, although he did not have a statement in the professional, he needs to play. It is important for him to play and development can only happen with hours and moments of play. So, it is essential that players who are not being used more directly in the professional can do this integration work and participate in the game so that it misses, hits, evolves, so that it is corrected, so that it has timing, and that it shows its capacity and wins more space. For when you receive the opportunity in the professional be much more ready and prepared for this action.

Any specific deficiencies in the cast?

– I have the characteristic of not making any kind of comment about hiring, what you need and what you don’t need, what is the possibility or not because they are situations that interfere in the market, can interfere in any other situation. I work and trust in the group I have, I work tirelessly so that the group we have at hand can perform its best individually. I work so that we form a team that is collectively very strong so that the individual appears and stands out. We are always attentive to these conversations, evaluations and reevaluations, knowing, and stressing once again, that Fluminense has a very difficult financial situation. It is not easy, because you also need to have structure maintenance on a daily basis and financial on a monthly basis. This all makes management difficult and we have this understanding and vision. We are working within these circumstances and we are managing to work well with all the difficulties that the club structurally has.

– The management is trying to work in every way so that, increasingly, it puts the financial and structural situation of Fluminense on another level. She is doing a great job with all this difficulty, which is not easy. Because football without money is difficult. If with money you already have difficulty, imagine without money. So, internally, we do as it has been since the beginning of the year. We sit, talk, hold meetings and assessments. Fluminense must always be open to market opportunities, but the market is not that easy. It involves financial situations, characteristics … We already have a large group, we need to be surgical. If, by chance, we find it necessary to bring one more characteristic that has in any player, we always do this internally. Externally I am always very careful to respond to this type of situation because it can be interpreted and even hinder any kind of action from us. I am a guy who talks a lot about the group we have, which is a group with a lot of quality and a lot of character and professionalism, which is giving a great response in the Brazilian Championship. We need to resume, from Tuesday, our training journey in a strong way and seek in each game a final and as many points as possible for us to continue on that part of the table we are on and compete for the first places of the competition.


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