OE2021: Change in imported ISV saves up to 50% on a mid-range car – Economy


A set of simulations carried out by the consultancy Deloitte, based on the amendment to the Vehicle Tax (ISV) foreseen in the State Budget proposal for 2021 (OE2021), shows that an imported car with four years, of medium-low range, and an emission level of 128 grams carbon dioxide (CO2), will pay 175 euros less ISV next year than in 2020 (1,728 compared to 1,903 euros so far).

The reduction in the environmental component of the ISV will be all the greater the older the car is.

The same simulations show that for this type of car and emissions, the reduction in tax payable for an imported car in 2021 will be 376 euros if you are nine to 10 years old and will amount to 612 euros if you are over 15 years old, compared to the previous year. amount to be paid in 2020.

In a mid-high-end car, with an emissions level of 178 grams of CO2, the ISV reduction will be in 2021 by 24 euros if you are under one year or 240 euros, between four and five years old.

If the age of the car oscillates between nine and 10 years, the reduction of the ISV will amount to 516 euros. In other words: a car with these characteristics that entered the Portuguese market in 2020 paid 2,297 euros of ISV, but in 2021 will pay 1,781 euros, a reduction of 22.48%.

If you are more than 15 years old, the impact of the measure in the OE2021 proposal will be even higher, as the ISV will fall 841 euros, down from 2,078 to 1,237 euros.

Deloitte also carried out simulations for high-capacity (luxury sports) cars, with an emission level of 482 grams of CO2, which show that the savings in ISV for imported used cars will be in 2021 of 1,284 euros if the car has up to year or 12,837 euros if you are between four and five years old.

For older luxury sports cars, the reduction in ISV through the calculation formula in the environmental component may amount to 27,599 euros (39.61% less) if you are ten years old and around 50 thousand euros (-65.52 %) if you are over 15 years of age.

The OE2021 proposal changes the ISV calculation formula for used vehicles imported from another EU country, to now include “reduction percentages” in the environmental component, which is indexed to the age of the vehicle in question.

Until now, only the cylinder component was devalued according to the age of the vehicle, when calculating the tax on imported used cars.


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