of the third party for life? Luiza and Biel become friends


Luiza Ambiel and Biel fought in the first week of confinement. After a disagreement with Mariano, the two got closer

The atmosphere between Luiza Ambiel and Biel flourished in A Fazenda 2020. This is because, the two exchanged words amicably this afternoon (14) in the kitchen of the headquarters. While the Chemistry interpreter arranged the wood on the wood stove, the former Gugu Bathtub joked: “The intruders here are us”. Biel agreed with her, laughing.

Soon after, outside the house, the two talked to Juliano Ceglia about Mariano. In the chat, Biel revealed that Mariano said he had ‘someone out there’, while having a romance with Jakelyne Oliveira. The statement would have been made during a party in rural confinement A Fazenda 2020.


“Pro Lipe was she, who helped in the (Proof of) Fire, and he. I thought that he, as a man, should say to Lipe: ‘Go there’. Why if you are with the woman… ‘”, said Luiza. “But he didn’t have to speak, I could tell he wasn’t going to do that,” replied Biel. “He fought back and forth there, in despair, with her,” added Ambiel.

Biel spared no words and sent the real one over to the yellow Camaro interpreter. “The two are together here because it is convenient. Mariano already told me at a party that he already has someone out there ”, he said. Juliano then said that he also learned about his colleague’s sentimental status outside of confinement. “Yeah, I heard that,” he said. “And another thing: there are some things that I think are very forced. I like her a lot, but there are times when (I can’t) ”, shot Luiza.

Mariano and Jake in The Farm 2020

Biel followed his line of thought and highlighted a conversation between Mariano and Jojo Todynho that he overheard. “I even saw Jojo saying to him the day before yesterday morning: ‘You have to be careful not to pass on this image of a couple who wants to be the perfect, untouchable little couple’. And he said: ‘No, Jojo, it’s not like that, your perspective is wrong’ … In other words, everyone has the same vision, ”he said.

“And he came to apologize this morning. ‘No, because I’m having the humility to come and apologize’, and I’m just looking at his face, like this ”, continued the funkeiro. Shortly thereafter, Luiza implied that she had observed something between Jake and Mariano, but the paoa gave up counting. “You will see outside,” said the farmer.

Biel and Luiza on a war footing

In the first week of confinement, a month ago, Luiza and Biel were surprised at the reality show headquarters. That’s because, the singer took her out of an activity for prizes, which made her angry. Luiza said the singer approached her and even reportedly asked for and used his ‘lip ointment’.

Gugu’s former Bathtub also countered Biel’s accusations that she doesn’t like taking care of the animals in the reality show A Fazenda 2020. “I won’t admit that a boy looks at me and says that I don’t respect the animals… I went in and talked with him today, explain what was going on. He made a storm out of the water glass, ”she said, disgusted, at the time.


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