Offline gambling: PS5 still allow use of games without internet, but there’s a catch


Playing offline may not be an option for everyone, as some areas of the world still suffer from low quality internet connections, especially when it comes to Brazil. Thus, using the console to play even without internet can be beneficial for those who still want to have some limited fun and this will be possible on PS5.

However, Digital Foundry warned that this capability can only be exploited in the standard version of the console, as it is necessary that the user inserts the original game disc to play without internet, which is not possible on the PS5 Digital Edition, which does not have the physical media player.

MSPowerUser also says that the same should apply to the Xbox Series S, which also does not have a disc player, where the same capacity is used to play Assassins Creed Unity on the Xbox Series X at 60FPS via backward compatibility with the option to play offline.

While this ensures that original games are marketed to the benefit of the gaming industry, we hope that a solution for this will be created in the future, since everywhere is susceptible to disconnection, which can hinder the experience of the players, in addition to opening this possibility for more accessible consoles would only make them even more interesting for developing countries.

How is the internet connection where you live? Is it possible to play online with high quality? Tell in the comments.


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