Oi chooses city to activate 5G network; know


An exclusive banner will be dedicated to the connection; Oi’s strategy differs from competitors Claro, TIM and Vivo.

YouTube playback (Oi commercial)
Image: YouTube reproduction (Oi commercial)

Even in the process of selling the mobile unit, Hi will also demonstrate its technology 5G DSS. The city chosen to receive the new mobile connection from the operator was Brasília.

The activation was made on Wednesday, October 7 and covers 80% of the capital. The network is 460 km² long and speed rates in data transmission can reach up to 500 Mbps.

Unlike competitors, Oi dedicated a single frequency to 5G, which uses part of the idle spectrum of 3G. The speed is up to five times higher than promised in 4.5G, which is 100 Mbps.

Operator customers with any plan and a 5G compatible smartphone at the frequency of 2,100 MHz can already take advantage of the novelty.

Covered neighborhoods:

Plano Piloto (at Asa Sul), Asa Norte, Lago Sul, Lago Norte (including Praça dos Três Poderes and Esplanada dos Ministérios), Cruzeiro, Sudoeste, Gama, Planaltina, Guará, Bandeirante, Taguatinga, Recanto das Emas, Samambaia, Ceilândia, Sobradinho, São Sebastião, Riacho Fundo and Santa Maria

Bernardo Winik, vice president of Oi’s Customers, guarantees that the dedication of the 10 MHz frequency of 3G will not leave the third generation of connectivity uncovered. The executive explains that she was idle, since accesses have decreased since 4G.


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Operator customers will have access without having to change the chip. The company points out that, as a dedicated track, the user experience is even better than expected.

Oi’s new onslaught takes the market by surprise, as the operator’s mobile unit is expected to be the first part sold in the new plan to add judicial reorganization.

In fact, the whole process has been approved by the courts in recent days. Find out more in the article below:

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