on video, musician shows 8 ways to spoil David Gilmour’s solo


By Igor Miranda, Source: Guitarload
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David Gilmour is one of the greatest guitarists in rock history. Owner of an easily recognizable timbre, the musician made some of Pink Floyd’s most legendary solos, as well as doing well in his solo career.

Due to the fact that Gilmour has a very peculiar style of playing, many guitarists slip in some areas when trying to play his solos.

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Youtuber Mike, from the channel ‘The Art of Guitar’, brought together the 8 main mistakes made by these musicians – and showed how each one of them occurs.

As transcribed by Guitarload magazine’s website, errors are …

1. Bends fora do tom
2. Do not make vibrato
3. Do not rake (it is like a sweep with only “going”, without “picking” back)
4. Do not do hammer-ons and pull-offs
5. Don’t leave space
6. Don’t make slides
7. Not having firmness in the fingers
8. Lack of dynamics

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To exemplify all these errors, the guitarist presents the solo of the song ‘Mother’, recorded by Pink Floyd on the album ‘The Wall’, from 1979. See.

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