One died and two are seriously injured after the accident


The extent of the damage was unclear at the time, and 15 minutes later the police confirmed that it was a serious accident. All the emergency services moved out, and several police cars, ambulances, air ambulances and resources from the fire brigade were in the city.

There were two cars and four people involved in the accident, and to Sunnmørsposten, operations manager Arild Reite says that there will be a front-to-front accident where several people were trapped in the cars.

– Several people have been released and are now being transported to hospital, Reite says a little after 6 pm. The condition of those involved was then unclear.

The air ambulance is in place after the accident in Haddal. PHOTO: JORULF MYRENE

The accident happened on county road 653 in Haddal, Ulstein municipality. There is a detour for passenger cars, while larger vehicles must take the ferry connection Hareid – Sulesund and Solavågen – Festøya. The road traffic control center informs about this.


The police in the city tell Vikebladet that the main road will probably be closed for a long time, when the accident commission will investigate the area.

UPDATE: – One person died and two are seriously injured after the accident, the police inform at 21.30. The fourth person must be unharmed. The relatives have been notified.

There will be work on the site. The road will be closed for some time to come, the operations center informs the police.

The accident must have happened in this area. Photo: Screenshot Google maps


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