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ACCUSED: Two people were found dead in the fire ruins of this commercial building in Moelv. Now one of them is charged. Here, forensic technicians from Kripos and the Inland police district search for special dogs in the fire ruins. Photo: Tore Kristiansen, VG

One of the two dead who was found after the fire in the commercial building in Moelv is charged with the murder of the other deceased man.

The main theory of the police is that they face a murder and a suicide.

They have previously said that they believe a criminal act has taken place, after the two men were found on 30 September in the fire ruins of a large hall in Moelv in Ringsaker municipality in Innlandet county.

The man who carried out maintenance on the building is charged in the case. He is charged with the murder of Christian Berg, the man who one day before the fire was reported missing from Gjøvik.

– The charge was necessary to take out in order to carry out the necessary investigations. This is done even if the suspected perpetrator is dead, the police explain.

The inland police district has received assistance from Kripos, and around 30 investigators have worked to investigate the case.

BURNED: Large parts of the building were burnt down when forensic technicians from Kripos conducted investigations in early October. Photo: Tore Kristiansen, VG

Believes the murder happened somewhere else

The preliminary autopsy report by Berg shows that he did not die as a result of the fire in the building. The report also shows that he suffered injuries that are not compatible with burns.

Based on findings from the investigation, the police believe that the murder took place elsewhere than in the commercial building. At the moment, they do not want to comment on where they think it has happened.

– There are still several unanswered questions in the case, and the investigation will continue. Something of
the investigation will try to find answers to how the fire in the commercial building started.
The police suspect that there are several hearths, the police write further.

CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS: Kripos’ fire dogs were used to examine the building. Photo: TORE KRISTIANSEN, VG

It is already known that both Berg and the now accused man were acquaintances. Both lived in Gjøvik.

The police believe the motive may have something to do with a conflict between the two people. At the moment, they do not want to go further into the conflict.

The relatives are informed about the content of the press release.

The case is being updated.

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