One part of the country can rejoice


In recent weeks, many have felt the temperatures approaching winter, and in the mountains the snow has already fallen.

– There has been a lot of snow in the inner and higher areas of Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag. With 30-40 centimeters of snow in the last 24 hours, it is possible to take out the skis, says meteorologist Olav Krogsæter in StormGeo.

Further down in the country, precipitation comes as sleet, and in the lowlands as rain.

– In the coastal areas, there is no snow at first, says Krogsæter.

Winter and snow are thus waiting a bit to announce their arrival across the country.

Difficult driving conditions

On Monday, the building weather will continue in Central Norway, which will provide even more snow in the interior. In southern Norway, which includes western Norway, southern Norway and eastern Norway, Monday starts with pretty good weather.

– But then it clouds over the day. From Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday, there will be a lot of rain in southern Norway, says Krogsæter.

In parts of Agder, up to 60-80 millimeters of precipitation is expected during Monday and Tuesday. Indre Agder and inner Telemark can get up to 10 centimeters of snow during Monday afternoon and evening.

– This will create difficult driving conditions in inner areas in the Inland, Agder, Viken and Vestfold and Telemark. Those who live in those areas should change to winter tires immediately, the meteorologist encourages.

Sunday morning, a man was sent to hospital after a car drove off the road and was left on the roof in Stranda municipality in Møre og Romsdal. As a result of the accident, the police went out and warned against slippery roads in the area.

– Real gray weather days

In the south of Rogaland, 30-40 millimeters of rain is expected on Monday afternoon. The rain pulls north to Bergen in the evening.

– Monday and Tuesday will be proper gray weather days in southern southern Norway, says Krogsæter.

On Wednesday, there is the same trend, with precipitation decreasing somewhat in Eastern Norway. Then it is Vestland that probably gets the most precipitation, with 30-60 millimeters.

So there is not much to enjoy in southern Norway in the first days of the coming week. In northern Norway, on the other hand, there are better prospects.

The fine weather can last until the weekend

The weather the northerners can expect in the next few days is described as partly cloudy to slightly cloudy nice weather, and they can thus rejoice in being the decisive weather winners in the country.

– In northern Norway, the weather will be quite nice from Monday to Wednesday. There may only be a few sleet showers from time to time on the Finnmark coast. The fine weather will possibly last until next weekend, says Krogsæter.

Temperatures will be 1-4 degrees at the coast and between -3 and +2 in the interior, perhaps even lower on the Finnmark plateau.

– It is southern Norway that gets most of the weather and most precipitation in the next few days, while it will be quite good in the north, says Krogsæter.


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