Only 6 private schools gave their term back to classes on Monday – Capital


Classroom prepared for the return of students. (Photo: Paulo Francis)

Three days before the return of face-to-face high school classes in private schools in Campo Grande, only six educational units filed the terms of commitment for reopening on Monday (19). The number represents 3% of the 52 schools in the Capital.

Altogether the Capital has eight exclusive schools for high school and 44 that go from elementary to high school. The return decision meeting took place on October 1 and according to the president of Sinepe (Union of Educational Institutions of Mato Grosso do Sul) Maria da Glória Paim Barcellos, all schools would have already prepared the plan for resumption.

The return was made official on Wednesday (14) with the publication of the municipal decree in the Official Gazette of Campo Grande. In the document it was established that the same rules determined for Early Childhood Education should be respected for the resumption of High School.

Some schools already imagined that the return would be guided by the same rules of Early Childhood Education and started to prepare, as was the case of Colégio Harmonia unit in Rua Goiás.

According to Tiago Martins, director of high school at the unit, it was a bet for the school to prepare itself according to the decree of early childhood education, so they managed to adapt in advance.

“We imagined that the decree would come out according to early childhood education. So we were adapting for the return. When the decree came out we were already prepared”, he said.

Gel alcohol available at the entrance of Colégio Harmonia. (Photo: Paulo Francis)
Gel alcohol available at the entrance of Colégio Harmonia. (Photo: Paulo Francis)

The school is prepared for around 60% of the students, so the rooms have been adapted and have a capacity for 15 students each with their distance. At the school, signs with information about the virus were also placed and an isolation room was set up where the student will be taken if he presents symptoms until the parents are communicated.

In the afternoon and today, employees undergo training with a specialist nurse on hygiene, detachment and the ways in which the virus spreads. In addition to receiving guidance on the entry that must be staggered.

Signs with instructions about the virus placed in the school. (Photo: Paulo Francis)
Signs with instructions about the virus placed in the school. (Photo: Paulo Francis)

The list of schools that must return this Monday was not released by Sesau (Municipal Education Secretariat), but as determined by the Campo Grande News, among the schools that return on Monday are Colégio Harmonia, Colégio Status, Funlec (Lowtons Foundation for Education and Culture), Escola Paulo Freire and Colégio Maria Montessori.

The Salesiano Dom Bosco College, Alexandre Fleming and the Class A school, on the other hand, said they should return on October 26th.

Rules – For the return from high school, therefore, those responsible for the schools must sign a term of commitment with the municipality of Campo Grande and, after reopening, must respect a maximum capacity of 30% of the establishment’s capacity.

The use of a mask is mandatory and the hygiene rules with the use of alcohol gel and cleaning of the rooms must be met. Earrings, bracelets and other props should be avoided.

Tables and desks must keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between students, including, facing the same direction. The students’ arrival and departure times must be staggered, “in order to avoid agglomerations in the areas of access to the institutions”.

Floor markings on distance at Colégio Harmonia. (Photo: Paulo Francis)
Floor markings on distance at Colégio Harmonia. (Photo: Paulo Francis)

At the entrance, the temperature measurement of students and staff must be made, with an infrared thermometer and if they have a temperature equal to or greater than 37.8ºC and / or other symptoms related to covid-19, they must not be admitted to the educational institution.

The full text can be seen in the edition of Diogrande published in September, which also applies to high school. Click here.

* Paula Maciulevicius Brasil collaborated.


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