Only from March will it be possible to change bank overdraft debt – 10/23/2020


The Central Bank (BC) decided to postpone, from November this year to March 2021, the possibility of transferring overdraft debt from one bank to another, called portability. It also postponed the possibility of transferring real estate financing contracted outside the Financial Housing System (SFH) into that system.

According to the BC, the decision was taken with the National Monetary Council (CMN) so that financial institutions can concentrate efforts, especially in technology, on other projects considered priority by the government, such as Pix and Open Banking.

In the case of credit portability, the postponement deals with the rules involving the inclusion of operations with overdraft, the possibility of real estate credit operations contracted originally outside the Housing Finance System (SFH) to be framed in SFH in portability and creation of the “Descriptive Document of Credit “(DDC).

The entry into force of the authorization deposit and payment account debit.


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