Oops! Sandra’s outburst that ‘Big Brother’ didn’t want to hear – Nacional


Sandra Fernandes was the competitor chosen by the Portuguese to abandon the ‘Big Brother – A Revolução’, at the gala of this Sunday, October 4th. Jessica’s mother left the most watched house in the country with 54% of the votes. Joana remains in the game, with 46% of the vote. The production gave Sandra an opportunity to say goodbye to her daughter. In the ‘Sala da Verdade’, the 45-year-old contestant had an outburst that brought discomfort to the program’s production: “It was the biggest mistake to come here. I just suffered humiliation. Horrible.”
The daughter tried to assuage her mother’s sadness: “Don’t say that. Don’t do that, it’s not old. If you leave with those words I will stay here with my psychological and my heart burst. I’m not recognizing you. You are strong. You have been through so much. “Sandra tries to hide her feelings:” You are right here. Go here. It remains as you are. “ Meanwhile the conversation of the two women is interrupted by the voice of ‘Big Brother’: “I am sure you leave with your head held high.”

But the outburst had already been said. Sandra Fernandes was beginning to accuse the pressure of being closed in the house and the rejection of the rest of the programmates, all much younger than her. She felt out of place. Moments before, the production asked Sandra to go through another affront when she asked the businesswoman and Joana to stand side by side so that the remaining contestants chose which one they wanted to see outside the house. The vote clearly fell to Sandra’s side, which made Jessica’s mother feel even more humiliated.

Also social networks have not forgiven the production of ‘Big Brother’. “It was your decision! Sandra leaves the ‘Big Brother’ house today! Did you agree?” questioned the production on the official page.

Internet users’ responses were overwhelming and devastated the program. “How is it possible? What blatant manipulation”, “What a joke! Nobody likes Joana. It just proves that this program is not for older people. So what are they getting into?“,” Great clowning! Manipulation! Worst Big Brother ever! “,” There was no need to humiliate Sandra “or “Ridiculous the humiliation she went through”, were some of the reactions.


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