Operation “2BaGoldMule”: PJ led international operation in the dismantling of the network dedicated to cybercrime – Internet


The Judiciary Police, through the National Unit to Combat Cybercrime and Technological Crime (UNC3T), led an international police operation, with a view to dismantling a criminal structure, dedicated to the laundering of large amounts of money, associated with scams computer technologies committed all over the world, but especially in Europe and the United States of America.

The investigation, which the PJ refers to as complex, to combat international organized cybercrime, was carried out between October and November 2019. The organization, which was made up of a few dozen individuals, all of whom are foreign nationals, is said to have been responsible for money laundering. more than 10 million euros, originating from cybercrimes, in different parts of the world.

The so-called Operation “2BaGoldMule” was coordinated by Europol and Portugal, together with the United States, led and launched the large-scale operation. Several countries around the world were also involved, such as Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Georgia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Latvia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Australia.

In all, 20 suspects were arrested, more than 40 home and non-home searches were carried out, and various pieces of evidence were seized in countries such as Latvia, Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. In the case of Latvia, the PJ sent a team of investigators, helping the country’s authorities to detain five individuals of that nationality, through European arrest warrants.

And the same procedure was done in Poland, giving rise to the arrest of a suspect, whose profile and data obtained put him in front of this criminal organization with activities in Portugal. The detainees were later extradited to Portugal and presented for judicial interrogation, and preventive detention was applied as a coercive measure, the PJ said in a statement.


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