Orlando Drummond turns 101 and wins tribute from the cast of ‘Escolinha’ – 10/18/2020


Orlando Drummond celebrates 101 years today and a happy coincidence: on the same day of the premiere on Globo of the new season of “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”, humorous in which he played the character Seu Peru for the first time.

“Today I am 101 years old. I thank my family, my friends and everyone who accompanies me for the affection received during all this time. It is 101 years of great love and humor. Thank you for another year!”, He said in his Instagram account.

The cast of the new “Escolinha” sent tributes to the actor and voice actor, who immortalized the voices of Scooby Do, Alf, Popeye and many others.

“You have always been present in my life! Your voice has always been present in me, and I have great affection for you! Congratulations, and I hope to be recording a video for your 102 years from now,” said Bruno Mazzeo, son of Chico Anysio and new interpreter of Professor Raimundo, in testimony to the official website of “Escolinha”, on GShow.

From Your Peru to Your Peru

I have only one thing to say to you: everyone wants to reach 100% of everything. You have passed 100% and are completing 101%! This is wonderful! […] For your talent, for your youth, for your work so far, with health, with strength, with energy, may God continue to bless you a lot
Marcos Caruso, who plays Seu Peru, for GShow


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