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LEFT STAR BATTLE: Vegard Bjørsmo. – Now I have been here for so long that I have been able to show myself, get a start, a platform, Vegard said after the defeat was a fact. Photo: NRK

It was Vegard Bjørsmo (19) who had to leave “Star Wars” on Saturday. VG’s reviewer rolled the dice continuously during the show.

– Now in the end, it was the experiences that meant the most to me. Now I have been here for so long that I have been able to show myself, get a start, a platform, Vegard said after the defeat was a fact.

19-year-old Vegard Bjørsmo from Karasjok was this year’s youngest participant in Star Wars.

– Vegard came into this as an undescribed magazine, and has proven to be a really diverse and competent young artist. That he is leaving now may feel unfair to many, but tonight he was the weakest of the remaining quartet, says VG’s reviewer Tor Martin Bøe.

He gave Vegard Bjørsmo a dice roll of four for both “Don’t Start Now” and “When You Were Young”.

Tonight, the “Star Wars” participants fought for a place in the semifinals next Saturday – and the three who went on are Sandra Lyng, Knut Marius Djupvik and Ingeborg Walther. VG’s Tor Martin Bøe reviewed the songs continuously.

Read what VG’s reviewer thinks about the artists’ performances at the bottom of the case, and share your opinion in “Folkets dom”.

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Last Saturday it was Emil Solli-Tangen as had to leave the competition and he then told VG that it is “hard” to break out, but that he was proud of what he has achieved in Star Wars.

– Every time I have felt that I have done something that I can be proud of, and go out with a form of dignity, Solli-Tangen said.

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FIGHTED FOR SEMIFINAL PLACE: Sandra Lyng, Vegard Bjørsmo, Knut Marius Djupvik and Ingeborg Walther. Photo: JULIE MARIE NAGLESTAD / NRK

Tonight the participants sang these songs – and in this order:

List Pop (Hits of the Year):

  • Vegard: «Don’t Start Now» – Dua Lipa
  • Sandra: «What´s Love Got To Do With it» – Kygo, Tina Turner
  • Knut Marius: «Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi
  • Ingeborg: «Somebody» – Dagny

Stadium skirt:

  • Vegard: «When You Were Young» – The Killers
  • Sandra: «You Shook Me All Night Long» – AC/DC
  • Knut Marius: «Run To The Hills» – Iron Maiden
  • Ingeborg: «Rock The Night» – Europe

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Plus content

TIX, or Andreas Andresen Haukeland is the artists’ mentor in list pop this week. He is known to many through a number of Russian songs and from social media. In recent years, he has released more personal songs, and topped the VG list with the autobiographical song “I do not want to live” in the summer of 2019.

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Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen is a coach and expert in stadium rock. She is an established artist and songwriter with great success on stadium stages both at home and abroad, since she broke through as Zoom Untouched winner in 2006. In 2017, she came in third place in Star Wars.

Both sit as experts throughout the broadcast, along with permanent judge Mona B. Riise.

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