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In the Queluz de Baixo channel, the Entertainment and Fiction director is nicknamed “owner of all this”, the result of the power she exercises in all fields of the company. Even if you don’t have hierarchical skills to do so. “Managing a company is not easy”, said Cristina at Rádio Comercial, assuming the position of shareholder … which she does not actually have yet. According to TV Guia, and although it is a common word to associate it with the purchase of 2.5 per cent from Media Capital – where it says that it invested all its savings [mais de 1,4 milhões de euros] – , the truth is that Cristina Ferreira “just” signed a shares sale and purchase agreement on September 4, through the company she has with her father, DoCasal Investimentos, of 2.5 million shares, but has not yet acquired any. Neither she nor the other announced investors, such as the Triun group, (son of Avelino Gaspar, owner of the Lusiaves group), the CIN paint group, Tony Carreira, Pedro Abrunhosa or Lourenço Ortigão, among others.

Lourenço Ortigão already rules TVI

That is, as explained in the signed contract “the aforementioned purchase and sale is subject to certain suspensive conditions, on the verification on which the execution of the transaction depends”. So far, according to official documents, Media Capital’s shareholder structure, which can be seen on the company’s website, still has Vertix (Grupo Prisa) with 64.47% of the capital, followed by Pluris (de Mário Ferreira) with 30.22% (for which he paid 10.5 million euros) and then 5.05% owned by NCG Banco and finally 0.26% of dispersed capital. In reality, Cristina Ferreira still doesn’t own anything strictly on TVI.

In addition, the business is under strong pressure and can be “failed”. At the end of last Friday, the 9th, the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), which analyzed these purchase intentions, considered that the shareholder agreement between Prisa and Mário Ferreira (which prohibits Prisa from selling to interested parties other than those indicated by Mário Ferreira) constitutes a concerted exercise of influence over the management of the owner of TVI. The supervisor understood, preliminarily, that there was “a concerted exercise of influence”, forcing Pluris to launch a takeover bid.

Since the notification of this decision, Mário Ferreira started to count a period of 10 days to contest and try to stop the obligation of a takeover bid to Media Capital. Translating, Cristina Ferreira may lose everything … which she doesn’t have yet, but dreams of having and that made her turn her back on SIC on July 17th. A unilateral termination that led Francisco Pinto Balsemão’s company to demand the payment of a compensation of 20 million euros, for breach of contract that was in force until 2022.

You can read the full article in this week’s edition of TV Guia, already on newsstands.


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