Owner of the staff Sambarilove, ex-Escolinha had serious illness: ‘They said I died’ – TV & Novelas


Press Release / RecordTV

David Pinheiro

For years, David Pinheiro
was successful with his catchphrase “sambarilove”, which marked the character Armando Volta, from ” Little School of Professor Raimundo
“. Next Sunday (18), the comedian will participate in the painting” Por ONde Anda “, from” Domingo Espetacular “, on RecordTV.

In an interview with the program, the artist made revelations about the difficult phase he faced when he was seriously ill. “I contracted hepatitis C and I was controlled by doctors, I was taking care, but I drank a lot of beer. And that was not cool. I had a very violent acute gastroenteritis, I was hospitalized, and they even said that I had died. “, said.

The former “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” said that he always tried to face difficulties with joy. “I am 70 years old and more or less 50 in career. I believe in joy, I think that the greatest gift that God gave to man is joy. That is why we must rejoice all the time, even in the face of difficulties,” he said. Pinheiro, when talking about how to keep up with life. “My life is wonderful,” he said.


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