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Africa with 117 more deaths and 9,123 infections in the last 24 hours

Africa recorded in the last 24 hours more 117 killed due to Covid-19, in a total of 41,262 deaths, and the number of infected people rose to 1,716,864, according to the latest pandemic data on the continent.

According to the African Union’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), in the 55 member states of the organization there were an additional 9,123 infected and the number of recoveries rose by 7,290 in the last 24 hours, to a total of 1,406,528.

Southern Africa continues to record the highest number of cases of infection and deaths, with 792,570 infected and 20,403 fatalities. In this region, only South Africa, the continent’s most affected country, accounts for 715,868 cases and 18,968 deaths.

North Africa, the second most affected area by the pandemic, has 472,367 people infected and 13,193 killed and in East Africa there are 204,718 infected and 3,803 fatalities.

In the West African region, the number of infections is 187,449, with 2,730 fatalities, and in Central Africa there are 59,760 cases and 1,133 deaths.


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