Palmeiras defines compensation that exempts Junior from the obligation to buy Borja – 10/06/2020


With Thiago Ferri, from UOL, in São Paulo

To release Junior Barranquilla from the obligation to purchase 50% of Miguel Borja’s economic rights, Palmeiras stipulated as a counterpart the possibility of renewing the contract with the striker for another two years. The change is underway, but has not yet been made official.

The Brazilian club has an agreement with the player until 2021 and will put on paper the possibility of renewing the bond for two more years unilaterally. That is, if it is Alviverde’s will, the renewal is automatic regardless of the athlete’s will.

The first renewal was already foreseen in the current contract, but it was due in November. Now, the limit is in March, which, in theory, gives the board more time to make a decision according to those interested in the market.

The strategy adopted by the palmeirense board aims to buy time to sell it and try to recover part of the US $ 13.5 million that it disbursed for 100% of its rights.

Initially, Palmeiras had contracted that Junior Barranquilla would be required to buy 50% of the player’s rights for $ 4.3 million if he reached 27 goals or played 73% of the team’s matches in the season. Salaries are the responsibility of Barranquilla.

Recently, the Colombian team got in contact with Alviverde to warn that they would not be able to financially comply with the agreement due to the pandemic and decided to remove him from the starting lineup to prevent the goals from being hit as I explained in this blog earlier. He did not play the last game and would not enter the field until the impasse was resolved.

In order not to let the player stand still, Palmeiras agreed to make the change in the agreement and now hopes to get a new proposal by Borja in the next windows.

New loans that serve as a showcase are considered the ideal models, because the Brazilian team does not pay salaries and has the chance to get a resale with frequent performances by the athlete.

In the last week, Borja’s businessmen signaled Besiktas’ interest, but the window was closed without any official proposal.


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