Palmeiras pays for political choice with Luxa and suffers in search of replacement – 10/26/2020


The difficulty in finding a replacement for Vanderlei Luxemburgo is a consequence of a political choice made by Maurício Galiotte and members of the Steering Committee in December last year.

At the time, the board had a speech to see Palmeiras follow the changes in Brazilian football and had evaluated names that “corresponded with the club’s DNA”. To please more advisers and some of the vices, Galiotte ended up with Vanderlei Luxemburgo, in a choice where the motivation was more political than technical. Nowadays, the top hat recognizes the error.

The coach is one of the most victorious in the history of Brazilian football, he has gone from conquests with Alviverde, but he has not done a job that showed “the new football” since the early 2000s. The choice generated dissatisfaction in the newly created Management Committee , but prevailed for being “a name of the Council”.

Now, the speech is the same, but Palmeiras finds it difficult for it to become reality. If they had taken advantage of Mano’s departure at the end of last season to close with someone who represented modernity and not history, the team would have the project in progress and not in search of a commander in the final stretch of the Libertadores, close to the second turn of the Brasileirão and about to start the participation of the Copa do Brasil.

Miguel Ángel Ramírez, for example, was one of the contestants after Jorge Sampaoli’s no, but his inexperience was used as an argument by some of the members of the Management Committee at that time so that the hiring was not made.

Nine months later, inexperience was a thing of the past, but, in the new attempt, the Spaniard did not feel strong enough to leave Independiente Del Valle in the middle of the season and proposed taking over the team only in January, which Alviverde denied by different reasons.

There are other coaches whose philosophy is not to take over the team in the middle of the season. There is also someone who does not want to talk when he is employed. There are still others, like Gabriel Heinze, who are free on the market, but like to discuss the project extensively before saying a definite yes. All of these options make Anderson Barros’s life difficult.

The directors of Palmeiras have avoided commenting on the matter so as not to turn everything into a soap opera, says that they already have negotiations with candidates, but are wasting precious time in trying to get their team to play ball and reformulating the project and the cast. How to hire reinforcements without knowing the profile of who will take over? There is no room for error.

In an economic situation not as comfortable as it happened recently, Alviverde still faces difficulties due to the high exchange rate. Meanwhile, Andrey Lopes is trying to get by with what he has and he even sees the wave of “Cebolismo”, in reference to his nickname, taking over social networks.


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