Pandemic devastated CEB box, says company president


posted on 10/15/2020 16:09 / updated on 10/15/2020 16:54

President of CEB, Edson Garcia, was interviewed by CB Poder – (credit: Ana Rayssa / CB / DA Press)

Important steps towards the privatization of Companhia Energética de Brasília (CEB) have been completed in recent weeks. In an interview with CB.Power Thursday afternoon (10/15) – a partnership of Braziliense Mail as a TV Brasilia – the company’s president, Edison Garcia, commented on the process.

This week, during an extraordinary general meeting with the company’s shareholders, the process was approved. The meeting took place last Tuesday (10/13) and had a positive opinion of 6,998,430 voters, against 1,058 against. “This week we completed two important steps within the privatization schedule and methodology, which was the meeting with shareholders and a public hearing listening to and answering questions from society,” said Edson.

He pointed out that the energy distribution companies privatized for a longer time offer better service in Brazil, as is the case of the Pará company, one of the first to undergo privatization in the country. CEB appears in 25th place, in a ranking of 29. “Those that are still in the hands of the State are at the bottom of the list. Other companies privatized 10 years ago, seven were state-owned and were privatized, the one in Maranhão was bad, today it is in 8th place ”, he guaranteed.

Before the start of the pandemic, CEB had a high number of defaulters. Today, there are 230 thousand. “The pandemic was devastating at the company’s cashier,” said Edson Garcia. In addition, the company’s president informed that there are projects to regularize the supply of energy in 62 thousand units. They are distributed in the rising sun; Morro da Cruz, in São Sebastião; Nova Colina, in Sobradinho; Structural; among others.

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