“Pandemic is a test that the international community is failing”


A pandemic of covid-19 represents a major global challenge – for the entire international community, for the multilateralism and for me, as Secretary-General of the United Nations. Unfortunately, it is a test that, so far, the international community is failing “, said António Guterres in a written interview with the Lusa agency, on the 4th anniversary of its acclaim by the 193 member states of the General Assembly for the post of secretary-general of the United Nations (HIM-HER-IT), a 13 de October of 2016.

“More than one million people have died and over 30 million have been infected, because there was not a sufficient level of coordination in the fight against the virus “, emphasized the former Portuguese Prime Minister.

The Secretary-General of the HIM-HER-IT stressed that current health crisis showed “without a doubt” the fragility of the world current, deploring the lack of demonstration of “necessary solidarity” with countries that, without support, cannot survive the economic and social impact of the pandemic.

“If strong and coordinated measures are not taken, a microscopic virus could push millions of people into poverty and hunger, with devastating economic effects in the coming years,” he stressed.

In declarations to Lusa, António Guterres said he was “proud” of the work carried out “by the United Nations family” that mobilized to “save lives, control the transmission of the virus and alleviate the economic consequences”.

“We sent equipment to more than 130 countries, in the order of hundreds of millions of units; we provided education to 155 million children and trained almost two million health and community professionals”, he said.

But, despite the gravity of the current disease crisis covid-19, António Guterres warned that global fragility “is the real challenge” that the world faces, and this “goes far beyond the pandemic”.

He added: “The climate crisis is already causing havoc in some countries and regions, and we are not on the right track to implement the Paris Agreement. [sobre as alterações climáticas]. Criminals and terrorists are exploiting ‘areas gray ‘in the regulation of cyberspace. The nuclear disarmament regime is weakening and the risk of proliferation is increasing. Xenophobia and the speech of hate are poisoning the democratic debate “.

“Therefore, the pandemic must be a warning sign. The response requires unity and solidarity, which enables a strong recovery based on communities and economies. resilientes and sustainable, and make it possible to face others very serious challenges we face “, he concluded.

Former Portuguese Prime Minister and Former High Commissioner of HIM-HER-IT for Refugees was acclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly after an important and decisive recommendation by the Security Council adopted a 06 de October.

A few months later, in janeiro 2017, Guterres, the first Portuguese to reach a position of this global dimension, succeeded the South Korean Ban Ki-moon (2007-2016) and became the ninth secretary general of the HIM-HER-IT for a term of five years, until 31 December December from 2021.

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