Paolla Oliveira and boyfriend are seen in alliance


Apparently Paolla Oliveira and Douglas Maluf are increasingly in love. Fans of the actress recently noticed that the couple has worn the same ring on their left hand.

Paolla is always very discreet about her personal life and, so far, has not commented on it.

The actress’ businesswoman, on the other hand, even talked about the rumors to the newspaper O Dia.

“Information without foundation,” said the businesswoman.

Tik Toker?

Paolla Oliveira became Tik Toker? The actress got on the wave and created a profile on Tik Tok. To debut, she created two fun videos full of dancing and waddling.

On the air in A Força do Querer, on TV Globo, the actress has taken advantage of the quarantine period to have fun with the application, which has become a fashion around the world.

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Last Friday (9), Paolla Oliveira burned the followers’ line with a shirtless photo. With a more natural make-up and hair arranged in a more voluminous way, she took advantage of the click of an essay to play in the caption.

Protagonist! Paolla Oliveira debuts in the main role in a 7 pm soap opera

“Who else is hot in there ?!” he asked, saying that the photo was of Alê de Souza.

The comments part, in turn, was full of praise for the actress, who is on the air as police officer Jeiza in the reprise of the soap opera A Força do Quere, on Rede Globo.

“Lindeza”, wrote an internet user. “Look at that woman’s perfection,” said another. “Work of art,” said one more person.

Paolla Oliveira snatches fans with half-naked photo

Check out @paollaoliveirareal.

Dating and women

Paolla Oliveira is one of the greatest actresses on TV Globo and Brazil, and can be reviewed as the character Jeiza in A Força do Querer.

Recently, she was interviewed by Giovanna Ewbank for a new video on her channel, in which she made a series of unpublished revelations about her.

As for the status quo of her relationship with coach Douglas Maluf, she was quite direct and good-natured: “I don’t answer that. Let Google speak ”.

Paolla Oliveira exudes natural beauty in post

Still on weddings, Paolla explained that he never got to make a union official, but he already lived with a person with whom he had a relationship.

“I never participated in this ritual, but I think that marriage, more than anything, is to live with people,” she said.

Staying with women and plastic surgery

Then Oliveira was asked if he would ever be with a woman in his life, and the artist’s response was super interesting.

“If I fell in love with a woman, why not? I did a soap opera that I did with Ana Furtado and I already had a relationship with Maria Fernanda Cândido [Em Felizes para Sempre?]. They do it all the time [misturar]”She declared.

About getting close to 40, Paolla wants to enjoy every moment that remains before this actually happens.

Paolla Oliveira confesses perrengue at the time of epilation

“I say I’m almost 40, but I’m going to enjoy the ‘inta’ because when I enter the ‘enta’ I don’t leave there anymore. I want to enjoy it until I get there, ”he said.

Finally, she said that plastic surgery on her thigh did not have the expected result.

“Plastic, no! I had surgery, which was a thigh lipo. Not on the thigh, but on the outside because I wanted to make my legs thin. I saw that it is not so, it is the body style, my biotype. Nothing happened and things are here ”, he concluded.


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