Paolla Oliveira is a victim of a scam and alerts on the web


Last Saturday (17), Paolla Oliveira used her Instagram account to alert the followers. The actress said that some scammers are using her name to ask for money.

“Attention! They are using my image to send messages to friends and family asking for money. It’s a scam. Be very careful. Whenever you receive a message from someone you know asking for money, be wary, ask to make a call, an audio, a quick video that be it, “she said.

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Then, the artist guided.

“If you get a message using my name and image asking for something, block it,” he asked.

Paolla Oliveira shows sequinha belly in post-workout photo

Check out the publication at @paollaoliveirareal.

Paolla Oliveira shows off her body when posing in a bikini in nature

Paolla Oliveira is one of the greatest artists in Brazil today, and can be seen in the special version of A For├ža do Querer, on TV Globo.

Through her official Instagram profile, the actress shared a photo in which she appears in a bikini showing her body amid nature.

Paolla Oliveira does sexy dance at Tik Tok

“One step away from the weekend … The photo is not from today, but I really wanted it to be,” she wrote in the publication’s caption.

The click was so successful among Paolla’s followers that, in a little over an hour, it reached more than 780 thousand likes.

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