Paolla Oliveira shows off her body in new photos with neon bikini


The actress Paolla Oliveira stirred social media by sharing unpublished photos from his trip close to nature. The star recalled two photos in a neon bikini this Friday, 10/23.

In the images, the artist left her belly flat and her legs turned on display while having fun in a waterfall.

“Remembering here, that I was there, and everything was so good”, she said in the caption.

Recently, Paolla Oliveira said that she is not afraid of reaching 40 – remember that she is 38. “I feel more comfortable now than in the past”, she said, who froze the eggs to consider becoming a mother in the future. “I think it’s healthy for me to be able to choose to be a mother or not”, he declared.

Paolla Oliveira


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