Paolla Oliveira wears neon bikini on waterfall day


Paolla Oliveira (PHOTO: Reproduction / Instagram)

This Thursday afternoon (15), Paolla Oliveira appeared in a very hot video, cooling off in a waterfall. However, it ended up being praised more than anything in the post that was viewed more than 100 thousand times.

“With a washed soul …”, she wrote in the publication’s caption. In the video, the cat still enjoys the refreshing moment to the sound of one of the successes of singer Silva, “A cor é Rosa.”

“Oh, be careful with snakes,” warned an admirer of the global event. “Aaaaaaaa what a good thing! I love to see you like this, all light and happy! I love you!!!! Then come here for you to see the latest posts I made for you, ”said the second person.

“The most talented actress on Brazilian TV, super friendly and attentive,” added the last individual. It is worth mentioning that, recently, the muse positioned itself on the possibility of dating women, and did not rule out the hypothesis.

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