partial indicates 5th eliminated from the program


Biel, Tays Reis and Carol Narizinho compete for permanence in the rural reality show. Tonight, one of the pedestrians will bid farewell to A Fazenda 2020 and the prize of R $ 1.5 million.

The public of The Farm 2020 voted in the DCI Journal poll and the partial result of the poll already indicates who the participant is in danger. The result of the hot seat will be released on Thursday (15), during the live program of the rural reality show. Check out:

Poll The Farm 2020 – Partial

According to the partial result of the Jornal DCI poll, Tays Reis is the paoa who can leave confinement today. Carol Narizinho You may also be in danger: The Farm 2020 have 23% of the total vote in the poll, while Tays has 24% of the vote intentions to stay. Therefore, the dispute is fierce.

According to the partial result of the poll, Biel should remain on the reality show. The funkeiro accounts for 34% of the votes and has a wide difference from his opponents, who for the time being are fiercely fighting to stay in The Farm 2020.


Tays, Carol and Biel in the fifth farm formation of A Fazenda 2020
Photo: Reproduction

How did the trio end up in the hot seat?

Tays was the indication of the farmer Luiza Ambiel. Carol Narizinho was the participant of The Farm 2020 most voted of the week, the ex-panicat was close to Juliano Ceglia’s votes, but as the sports journalist was one of the last pawns to vote, the participant was able to protect himself by voting for the paoa and removing the tie situation from the play. Biel, who was in the stall, was pulled by Carol.

Who escaped the farm?

Mariano, Carol and Tays were the rockers who participated in the dispute for the farmer’s hat. The event was sponsored by a hair products brand, the trio had to use bags of sand to hit a target with brand paints, causing the paints to fall into a bucket. Then, the pawns of The Farm 2020 they pushed a cart to a reservoir with water, mixed the colors, poured a new product and then placed the bucket on a platform.

It was necessary to follow these steps six times to win the race, Mariano was the champion. Tays came close, Carol, who had difficulty in the aiming stage, was well behind the confinement colleagues. Biel was vetoed from the Farmer’s Trial, so he did not participate in the dispute and went straight to the fifth The Farm 2020.


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