Patricia Abravanel’s son is compared to his mother and grandfather Silvio Santos in a photo. Look!


Patricia Abravanel was impressed by the similarity between her and her son Senor, aged 1, when sharing a photo giving lap to the youngest on a beach day. Silvio Santos’ daughter number four traveled to the coast and celebrated her 43rd birthday with a family party over the weekend with her husband, Communications Minister Fábio Faria, and the other two children of the couple, Pedro, 6 years old , and Jane, 2. “I think this Galician looks like me …. Who agrees?” asked the presenter about the boy, who is always stealing the show on social media.

Patricia’s son was compared to his mother: ‘Same nose’

Patricia also noticed a very similar aspect between her and her youngest son, named after her maternal grandfather and consecrated in an evangelical church in the USA in early January. “Look at his eye! Just like Mom’s! I think!”, Said the commander of the “Machine of Fame”, currently on replay on Saturday nights. Some followers agreed with the presenter. “I am, too,” said an Internet user. “Super-you,” added another. “Beautiful as a mother,” added a third. “Since the ultrasound, I thought he looked like you, his nose then,” he indicated one more to Patricia, who makes his daily web accounts about the children’s routine.

Grandson of Silvio Santos was compared to his grandfather, owner of SBT: ‘Parecido’

But other Instagram users saw a similarity between Senor and the owner of SBT, who turns 90 on December 12. “Actually, he looks like Silvio Santos!”, Said one. “I think so too,” agreed another. “My God, the face of the grandfather”, reinforced a third. “Silvio 2”, wrote yet another, citing the businessman, presenter and owl grandfather of 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.


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