Paulo Vieira ventes after Globo decrees humorous end


The humorist Paulo Vieira, was the social networks, this Wednesday, 15, vent about the decision of TV Globo to decree the end of the current humorous programs of the station, ‘Zorra’ or ‘Fora de Hora’ in which he participated and the ‘Little School of Professor Raimundo’.

Credit: Playback / InstagramPaulo Vieira ventes after Globo decrees humorous end

“Allow me to complain. Or rather, express myself: Ilana complains that I don’t share my problems, that I don’t talk about my feelings, that you never know how I really feel inside. I solve everybody’s problems, but I don’t want to bother anyone with mine. In the past few months I have seen all my projects fail. It is very difficult to see this happen without blaming yourself, especially for a person like me who never expected anything. I never expected anyone’s blessing to do anything, I never counted on this ‘credit’, said the comedian on his social networks, after receiving the news that Fora do Ar was canceled.

“All of this to say that my stubborn mind is my blessing and disgrace. It’s my rocket and my executioner. A cruel technician hard to shut up. So, when I find a limit (something that doesn’t depend on me, that is beyond my strength, something illogical), I have a hard time stopping, breathing and saying ‘it’s life’. It is not for me to conform and accept the lack of control of things. My spirit is of war, it is tiring. This, of course, is intensified by a market / world that treats us as disposable and undermines the certainty of what we are, our self-esteem, every day ”, said Paulo Vieira.

“It is one of the last circuses that preserve the tradition and repertoire of circus theater. They are pieces from the years 1890, 1910, 1920 … pieces that are not written, are learned through orality. I’m going there to make these pieces. The troupe rehearses in the afternoon and performs at night. I must also perform other functions in the circus, such as selling balloons and love apples, which must be my greatest talent. I urgently need to stay away from the South Zone, from the corporations, from important people, from the press office and all these fantasies (necessary, but) that it is not me ”, said the humorist.

“I am really kind of intense. He doesn’t want to console me, not that it makes me ashamed ”, concluded Paulo Vieira.

Globo is preparing a new humor project to go on air in 2021. The decision was justified due to the broadcaster’s process of cutting expenses.

It is worth remembering that this year another project by the comedian at Globo, Se Joga, was also canceled. He went off the air on open TV at the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic and did not return.

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