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The greatest percentage increase occurred in the Sertão, which previously registered 52% of hospital occupation. Rate grew 8% in the last 24 hours

Paraíba counted, in the last 24 hours, 56 more confirmed cases of Covid-19, totaling 125,933. The number of deaths due to infection caused by the new coronavirus jumped from 2,922 to 2,930 between this Sunday (11) and Monday (12). Forty-one deaths are still under investigation. The data were released by the State Department of Health (SES). To date, 389,646 diagnostic tests for Covid-19 have been carried out in Paraíba.

Summary | Last 24h in Paraíba

Confirmed: 125,933 (were: 125,877)
Discarded: 172,947 (no changes)

Among the confirmed cases:

Interned: 192 (were: 191)
Isolated at home: 21,423 (was: 21,552)
Recovered: 101,388 (were: 101,212)
Dead: 2,930 (were: 2,922)


Of the eight deaths confirmed on Monday (12) by SES, seven occurred in the last 24 hours. The victims are two men and six women, aged between 57 and 100 years. All of them had comorbidities. Until this Monday, 171 cities in Paraíba registered deaths by Covid-19.

Bed occupation

The occupancy of beds in the adult, pediatric and obstetric intensive care unit (ICU) across the state is 39%. If a cut is made only of the ICU beds for adults in the Metropolitan Region of João Pessoa (RMJP), 33% are busy. In Campina Grande, 37% of adult ICU beds are occupied, and in Sertão, 64%.

The numbers are bigger than those released this Sunday (11). The biggest percentage increase occurred in the Sertão, which previously registered 52% of occupation. Across the state, growth was 3% and, in the Metropolitan Region of João Pessoa, 2%. Campina Grande maintained the index.

Beds for Covid-19 active across the state

Infirmary: 494 (89 employed)
ICU: 267 (103 occupied)

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