Pedro Abrunhosa sings in a mask at a concert: “I felt the beat of the kid who loves to leave the whole stage” – Showbiz


Pedro Abrunhosa performed this Monday, October 12th, in the Mini Bar space, in Lisbon. During the concert, he sang with a mask.

“A show that made walls, floors, audiences and stage take off! Remembering my Jazzmen days when the stage was shorter than the arena but the satisfaction of making music matched the love I have for her. Yesterday, in front of a room full and with all the safety measures that this time requires, I felt the kid who loves to leave the stage throbbing “, wrote the artist in his Instagram account.

In the text, she also said that Ana Moura participated in the concert. “The sublime Ana Moura also brought the diaphanous touch with her presence and a voice of sensual fog. To Zé Avillez my thanks for never letting himself be overcome by inaction, showing that the only way to live in crisis or in ‘normality’ is to build. Thanks to everyone “, he stressed.

See the video:


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