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Protagonist in Flamengo’s powerful attack of 78 goals in the year, Pedro shares with Gabigol the top scorer of Rubro-Negro this season. Each has scored 16 times in 2020. However, the striker loaned by Fiorentina has won the spotlight in recent matches. With Gabigol’s injury, Pedro took responsibility and scored eight of the club’s last 18 goals.

The difference for Gabigol is that Pedro has been more efficient. He needs fewer minutes on the pitch and fewer submissions to score a goal. And it is not only in Flamengo that he stands out. The striker is the top scorer among the Serie A teams in 2020. In other words, shirt 21 is the one who needs less minutes on the pitch to score a goal.

Pedro is the one who needs fewer minutes on the pitch to score a goal in 2020 – Photo: ANDRÉ DURÃO

– Very happy with that moment. Of course I don’t do it alone, I have the participation of all my companions. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to get those numbers. But this is the result of hard work, dedication and willpower. I went through a very difficult time in my career and managed to overcome that injury. With maturity and head, I evolved. I think I can do even more – said Pedro.

In 2020, Pedro played 31 games for Flamengo. Only 16 times as a starter. With that, the striker was on the field for 1555 minutes and managed to score 16 goals. What gives the mark of one goal every 97 minutes on the pitch. It is the best performance among all Serie A club players this season.

Players who need fewer minutes on the pitch to score

PlayerTimeGamesMinutes in the fieldGoalsMinutes per goal
BrennerSao Paulo189288116
Thiago GalhardoInternational34230618128
Paolo GuerreroInternational15136810136

To enter the ranking above, players had to play at least 10 matches in the season – a minimum cut to not list athletes who have only rarely entered the field and are not used much by each Serie A team.

This performance outside Pedro’s average goes further. When he came to Fluminense and was called up for the Brazilian team, the striker was already effective. However, he needed twice the current time to score a goal. In 93 games with the shirt of Flu, Pedro scored 31 goals in 6367 minutes on the field – which gives the mark of one goal every 205 minutes on the pitch. THE twice the time needed in 2020.

X-ray of Pedro’s performance in the year

In Flamengo, Pedro has been increasingly efficient. When analyzing the team’s submissions in the Brazilian Championship, it is clear that the attacker is the one who needs fewer attempts to balance the nets. With eight goals in 29 submissions, shirt 21 scores one goal every 3.6 shots. Gabigol and Arrascaeta are close behind, with a goal every 6.8 and 7.3 submissions, respectively.

Pedro during an interview with Esporte Espetacular – Photo: Reproduction

Of Pedro’s 16 goals in 2020, 14 came from inside the area and only two from outside (from the half moon). To score those goals, he used his right leg 12 times, left three times and scored one with his head.

It is also worth mentioning that the striker is a reference for pushing the ball into the net, but he needs the team for that. Of the 16 goals, only one was not assisted by a squadmate. That is, he depends on the team to score his goals.

Pedro’s waiters in 2020

WaiterAssists for Pedro’s goal
Bruno Henrique3
Filipe Luís2
Everton Ribeiro1
Willian Arão1

Comparison with the top scorers for the past five years

The Statistical Spy * analyzed the performance of the last five years, from 2016 to 2020, to compare Pedro’s numbers with other productive strikers of the elite of Brazilian football. The mark of a goal every 97 minutes on the field was not surpassed by any athlete, who obeyed the ranking criteria.

In the magical year of Flamengo 2019, Gabriel Barbosa was one of the highlights and scored 43 goals that season. With 5,320 minutes on the field, Gabigol scored a goal every 123 minutes on the field – a mark higher than Pedro’s this year.

Top scorers for the last five years in the elite of Brazilian football

YearTop scorerTimeMinutes in the fieldGoalsMinutes per goal
2017GilbertoSao Paulo151613116

Of the last five years, striker Gilberto is closest to Pedro’s mark. Today in Bahia, the center forward scored 13 goals for São Paulo in 2017. In that season, he needed 116 minutes on the pitch to balance the net.

Fanatic flamenguista and photo “harmed” with Adriano Imperador

Pedro’s relationship with Flamengo was primarily that of a fan. And those fanatics, who wept in defeat. Then, as a child, he wore the red-black shirt in the basic categories, but ended up being dismissed for being short. Already a striker recognized worldwide and with 1.86m, he finally managed to play for the professional of the team of the heart.

– I am thrilled, accomplished to wear the Flamengo shirt professionally. It is a dream I have had since I was a child. Flamengo is my team at heart. Today, being able to play at Maracanã, score goals, recognized by the fans … it was me there in the stands for a while. I don’t even have words to express what I feel.

Pedro, the finger, and the photo with Adriano Imperador – Photo: Personal archive

Today Pedro is one of the most loved by the red-black kids, but he has also had his fan times. He recalled the time when a photo with Adriano Imperador did not come out exactly as he wished.

– I remember taking it with Bebeto, Adriano … There was even a curious story. My mother took a picture of me with Adriano with those old machines and her finger came out in front of his face (laughs). I was pretty bad at the time, but then I managed to get another one. With Zico I took it too. Today I feel very honored to be able to speak with them and be part of this story.

Other excerpts from the interview with Pedro:

– It’s a delicate decision. My entrepreneurs are adjusting, talking. But it is undeniable that I am happy and fulfilled in Flamengo. I get along with everyone. At the right time things will be accomplished. It is fantastic what I am living here. I live step by step. I hope to continue (Note: Pedro is on loan until December with the value of economic rights set at 12 million euros).

Selection and injury call

– It was the most difficult moment of my career. No player thinks to stay so long, especially when I was, being the Brazilian’s top scorer and summoned by Tite. A week before I came, the injury came. But I think everything happens for a purpose. It served me to mature. Today looking back, I see that I have overcome the pain, the injury. I’m happy to be able to play without pain.

I wish to return to Selection

– I always plan step by step, at the moment. Not far ahead. But Selection is also that, the player does a good job in his club for things to happen. But it is a dream to come back and play this time. I think doing a good job at Flamengo and following an evolution things will happen naturally.

Game marathon challenges

– It’s been a complicated marathon. We have to take care, be prepared. I think we are doing a job well done, the players are doing well. That last game was only 48 hours apart, I don’t think I’ve ever been there. I played 45 minutes and I’m feeling good. The work is being done well by the technical committee.

* The Statistical Spy team is formed by: Caio Carvalho, Caio Tatesawa, Guilherme Maniaudet, Guilherme Marçal, Leandro Silva, Roberto Maleson and Valmir Storti


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