Pedro Fernandes – In the cast of the next TVI soap opera? The presenter’s response


Pedro Fernandes assumed, on social networks, that he will be part of the cast of the next TVI soap opera. In the text he shared he explained that he had recorded his first scene and the name of his character, João Vassalo. Beside Joana Cruz, the presenter guaranteed that he was a person of challenges.

«Today I recorded my first scene for the next TVI soap opera. I confess that it was not in my plans but I am not one to refuse challenges. And on top of that I had the happy coincidence to act with Joana Cruz with whom I also debuted in the presentation and on TVI in 2008. I hope you like João Vassalo, my character », reads, in the caption of the image he shared with the radio host.

However, the entire content of the post is not true. TVI official source explained to the magazine’s website Maria that everything was just a joke and that Pedro Fernandes will not enter any soap opera or make any participation. Contacted by Maria, the presenter did not want to reveal what new project he will have at the Queluz de Baixo station and confirmed that it was all a joke.

Pedro Fernandes with new project at TVI

Maria magazine knows that the images shared by TVI’s face are part of the new project that Pedro will debut. Remember that a few weeks ago, Cristina Ferreira shared an image next to the presenter announcing that Pedro would have a new format on the channel. This image was also shared by the presenter: «The future is what we make of it. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone and see only truth in the eyes. I’m at home. Thank you », reads.

Pedro Fernandes’ last work on TVI was the afternoon program See P’ra Believe, with Ana Guiomar e Rita Salema. Before I had participated in Your Face Isn’t Strange as a competitor.

Text: Ana Lúcia Sousa

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