– People like this only care about their own interests


US First Lady Melania Trump very rarely gives interviews, and according to the Washington Post newspaper is generally sparse with the information that comes out about her.

That trend has apparently reversed this week. Earlier this week, she went out and confirmed that her son Barron Trump has been infected with the coronavirus in a text on the White House’s website. On Friday, she published another text, in which she opposes a new book about her. In the text, which is published on the White House’s website, she deals with the book “Melania and Me”, written by Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

Confirms audio recording

Although she does not mention the author by name, it is quite clear that she is the one in question. The book author, who has worked for Vogue, among other things, says she met the current first lady of the United States in 2003. Her name was then Melania Knauss, and she was Donald Trump’s girlfriend. Wolkoff says that since then she has followed Melania Trump’s life in everything from partying to child rearing, and that she became a close adviser after Donald Trump won the election.

That the two have been as close friends as the author claims disputes the first lady of the United States.

– A person who says she has “taken me”, even though she barely knew me, and who has clung to me after my husband became president, she describes.

At the same time, she confirms in the text that the audio recordings that have been mentioned in the book and in the media recently are authentic. In one of the much-discussed clips Wolkoff has released, the first lady complains about having to decorate the Christmas tree at the White House, and in another she rallies against the porn actress Stormy Daniels, who claims that she has had a relationship with the current US president.

– Distorts me

– This is a woman who secretly recorded our phone conversations, shared parts of it without context, and then wrote a book with rumors to distort me, the first lady continues.

Donald Trump’s son tested positive for corona

The author has stated that she started recording the conversations they had together after the relationship between her and the Trump administration soured in the wake of a scandal surrounding the use of money during the inauguration of Donald Trump. Wolkoff believes all the blame was placed on her in this scandal.

Melania Trump has little left for those accusations:

– Her memoir includes blaming me for her deteriorating health after an accident she had a long time ago, and for poor news coverage that she herself inflicted on others. She never looked at herself and her own dishonest behavior, which is done in an attempt to be relevant. People like this only care about their own interests, not about helping others, she continues.


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