People with this blood type are at higher risk of dying from Covid-19


THowever, those with blood type O are less likely to be infected with the virus, explains an article published in the newspaper britânico The Sun Online.

Additionally, the risk of these individuals suffering from serious complications such as bankruptcy organs – and even death – is also more reduced.

The conclusions drawn by two different studies help to explain why the SARSCoV-2 be lethal to some while others do not show any symptoms.

A team of researchers compared the health records of more than 473,000 Danish citizens who had tested positive for Covid-19, with a control group that included an additional 2.2 million of the general population.

The scientists detetaram a minor preponderateância positive results among blood type O individuals – the most common – and instead a higher incidence of coronavirus in pairs with type A, B and AB.

The rates of infection were similar in the three groups, according to the data obtained. Since the trends in question remained valid even after the researchers took into account other factors like ethnicity, which in turn affects the distribution of blood groups among individuals.

Torben Barington, study leader and doctor at the University Hospital of Odense in Denmark, said: “it is extremely important that healthcare organizations take into account the blood group, as this variant affects the way and intensity of how different ethnicities and countries are more or less affected through the Covid-19″.

However, another survey carried out at the Vancouver hospital in Canada, which included 95 critically ill patients, similarly found that people with blood types A and AB are at a higher risk of developing severe symptoms, compared those with type O or B.

According to the researchers Canadians, individuals belonging to groups A and AB are more likely to need a ventilator and kidney failure. In addition to staying in intensive care for longer.

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