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The iPhone 12 series was announced on October 13, with a pre-sale scheduled to start on the 16th, but the first benchmark tests of the device have already started popping up on GeekBench.

One of them was the iPhone 12 Pro and brought results approximately 26% higher than the average of the iPhone 11 Pro on the same platform. There were 1,597 points in the single-core assessment, which evaluates the speed of a single core, and 4,152 points when adding the work of all six cores of the A14 Bionic chip. The predecessor’s average GeekBench score is 1,327 and 3,289, respectively.

There are also two tests of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with results that are around 20% and 25% when compared to the average of the 11 Pro Max. The performance was close to that obtained by the iPad Air, also equipped with the new mobile chipset from Apple and that had a test with a score of 1,583 points in the single-core and 4,198 in the multi-core.

Benchmark test of iPhone 12 Pro, called iPhone 13.3 on GeekBench (Image: Playback / GeekBench)

According to GeekBench founder John Poole, it is normal for initial results on the platform to score lower than expected in the multi-core test. This is due to the fact that the devices are all very new, fresh from the box, often with configurations still incomplete.

Apple said at the iPhone 12 launch event, that the new A14 Bionic chip has a CPU that is up to 50% faster than any other smartphone processor on the market.

The first two models to arrive in stores, iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, have their pre-sales scheduled to start on Friday (16), and the first units will reach consumers next week. There is still no availability date or price for Brazil.

Fonte: GeekBench

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