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The mobster obtains evidence that shows that Cassiano is a fugitive from the police and promises to capture his former prisoner again. In addition to the dossier in hand, Alberto takes the delegate Gonzalo (Norberto Presta) up until Village of the Winds to arrest your rival.

Ester does not believe the dossier and manages to warn Cassiano that the police of the Guatemala is after him. The pilot, who was on his way home, listens to his girlfriend and goes elsewhere. Meanwhile, Gonzalo does his job and hits the home of the “fugitive”, accompanied by two men.

Gonzalo (Norberto Presta) tells Cassiano’s family (Henri Castelli) that he is a thug – ‘Flor do Caribe’ – Photo: Globo

Olivia (Bete Mendes) serves the subjects and Taís (Débora Nascimento) asks what they want with Cassiano.

“Arrest him”, warns the deputy.

Olivia gets nervous and asks why they want to take their child.

“Your son is a fugitive wanted by the police in my country, madam. Cassiano is wanted for international diamond trafficking,” says the official.

The housewife becomes a beast and warns that Cassiano would not say where Cassiano is, even if he was at home. The deputy warns that she has no fear of choice, but Olivia slams the door in the face of the men:

“Nobody comes in here. My son is not at home, get out of here.”

“Tell your son that he is being sought and that sooner or later he will be found,” warns Gonzalo.

Olivia (Bete Mendes) expels the police behind Cassiano (Henri Castelli) -‘Flor do Caribe ‘- Photo: Globo

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Alberto tells Ester that he will ask for custody of the children if she separates from him. Ester pretends to believe Gonzalo and tells the police chief that he must arrest Cassiano. Ester asks Doralice to call Cassiano and tell him to hide. Doralice insists that Juliano hide Cassiano in his boat. Ester tells Cassiano that Alberto has brought a delegate to arrest him. Olivia doesn’t let Gonzalo into her house. Alberto shows Ester the CD and the Cristal letter to Cassiano. Esther feels betrayed by Cassiano.

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