Petrobras reduces gasoline price by 4% as of Friday | economy


Petrobras said on Thursday (15) that it will reduce gasoline prices at its refineries by 4% as of Friday (16). Diesel prices, on the other hand, will not change, according to the state company.

The reduction in the value of the liter comes after three consecutive increases in gasoline, and is the second change in prices this month – on October 10 there was a 4% increase in prices. On the same day, Petrobras also raised the price of diesel by 4%.

Fuel prices fell sharply from March, amid the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the oil and fuel market, and reached lows below $ 1 a liter in mid-April before rising again.

IBGE data show that the price of gasoline rose 1.95% on average in the country in September, but continued to accumulate a fall of 4.10% in the first 9 months of the year.

“Between July and August, the average price of Petrobras corresponded to about 30% of the final price to consumers at gas stations”, defends the company, which highlights that the price revisions made by the state company may or may not be reflected in the final consumer price.

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