Petrobras reduces gasoline prices by 4% at refineries


Petrobras announced, on Thursday (15), a 4% reduction in the average price of gasoline sold at refineries across the country. The new value is valid from this Friday (16), on sale to distributors. Diesel has not had its price changed.

“Since January 2020, Petrobras’ average price has accumulated a drop of 24.3% in the price of diesel sold to distributors and an accumulated reduction of 9.1% in the case of gasoline. To give you an idea, the average price of Petrobras gasoline for distributors will be R $ 1.74 per liter after the readjustment. Between July and August, Petrobras’ average price corresponded to about 30% of the final price to consumers at gas stations, ”explained the company in a note.

The final values ​​for drivers will depend on each station, which include taxes, fees, labor costs and profit margin. In addition, the Brazilian market is based on free competition, making each company charge what it sees best.

Petrobras also recalls that the gasoline and diesel sold to distributors are different from the products at the gas station. They are type “A” fuels, that is, gasoline before combining it with ethanol and diesel also without the addition of biodiesel. The products sold at the pumps to the final consumer are formed from type “A” mixed with biofuels.


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