PF cites embarrassment and does not show video of notes found with Senator Chico Rodrigues


In the decision that determined the removal of Senator Chico Rodrigues (DEM-RR), Minister Luis Roberto Barroso (STF) released details of the Federal Police report on how the more than R $ 30 thousand, in cash, were found inside his underwear of the parliamentarian: the delegate who accompanied the operation in the house noticed an unusual volume in Rodrigues’ clothes.

During the action held yesterday at the senator’s residence in Boa Vista, the PF claims to have filmed the moment when ballots were found in underwear to demonstrate how the congressman had concealed items even during the seizure. However, not all videos were released.

This police team has a video of the second personal search carried out, however, in this case, considering the way the values ​​were hidden by Senator Chico Rodrigues right inside his underwear, I fail to reproduce such images in this report so as not to generate further embarrassment.
PF Report

‘Large volume, rectangular shape’

The PF was searching Rodrigues’ house, suspected of participating in a public diversion scheme aimed at combating the covid-19 pandemic, when the parliamentarian asked to go to the bathroom. According to the report, the delegate who accompanied the search, Wedson Cajé Lopes, agreed and said he would go along to the toilet.

At this time, Deputy Wedson noticed that there was a large volume, in a rectangular shape, on the back of Senator Chico Rodrigues’ robes, who wore blue shorts (like pajamas) and a yellow shirt
PF Report

According to the PF, the delegate suspected that the senator was hiding money or even some telephone device. Asked if he hid something in his clothes, according to the text, the senator replied “quite scared” that there was nothing.

When doing the personal search in Senator Chico Rodrigues, at first, it was found inside his underwear, close to his buttocks, bundles of money that totaled the amount of R $ 15,000.00
PF Report

The police wrote that Rodrigues “insistently” hid values ​​in his garments.

When questioned for the third time, with a lot of anger, Senator Chico Rodrigues reached into his underwear and withdrew other bundles of money, which totaled R $ 17,900
PF Report

Chico Rodrigues was deputy leader of the Bolsonaro government in the Senate

Image: Reproduction / Twitter @senadorchico

Money was hidden during the seizure

Continuing the report, the PF states that the first searches at Rodrigues’ house took place in his room, followed by his son’s room. The text claims that the agents did not notice “any volume” in the senator’s robes before they arrived at his son’s room.

The volume was only noticed when, after leaving his son’s room, the senator asked to change his clothes
PF Report

The police say it is “possible to say” that the money was kept somewhere between searches in the two rooms.

In other words, even after being aware of the search and seizure court order issued by the Supreme Federal Court, during the due diligence, Senator Chico Rodrigues was able to momentarily hide values ​​that would have come from or equivalent to the criminal offenses under investigation, as well as causing embarrassment to the investigation criminal proceeding before this Supreme Court
PF Report

The future of the case

Barroso, responsible for authorizing the operation launched yesterday by the PF, affirmed that the removal of the senator is necessary in view of the “concrete gravity of the investigated crimes” and affirmed that it serves to prevent the parliamentarian from using the post to hinder the investigation.

The decision to remove the senator will be evaluated by the Federal Senate, which may or may not maintain the determination of the STF.

The PF asked for the preventive arrest of Chico Rodrigues, but the PGR (Attorney General’s Office) was against the request.

‘I will prove my innocence’, says senator

Earlier today, Senator Chico Rodrigues announced his departure from the post of Bolsonaro’s deputy leader in the Senate. According to Rodrigues, the decision was made to clarify the facts. “I will take care of my defense, and prove my innocence,” he said in a statement.

The removal was granted by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) during the afternoon.

Rodrigues also said that he is confident of justice and that soon everything will be clarified. “I say again, throughout my 30 years of public life, I have dedicated my life to the people of Roraima and Brazil, and I will remain firm.”


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