Pheochromocytoma: tumor that Laham took has symptoms similar to anxiety – 10/26/2020


Actor Juliano Laham, 27, underwent surgery on October 22 to remove a pheochromocytoma, a benign tumor in glands located just above the kidneys. This Sunday (25), he celebrated the success of the procedure: “I was reborn! Thank God for the opportunity to be alive and be able to be with my family and the people I love so much”, he wrote on Instagram.

According to Fernando Maluf, oncologist at BP – The Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital of São Paulo, responsible for the case, the surgery was successful and the tumor was removed without affecting the kidney.

What is pheochromocytoma?

This tumor is considered rare, generally benign and develops in the adrenal glands, located above the kidneys, in the posterior part of the abdomen.

These glands are responsible for the production of hormones like adrenaline and norepinephrine. For this reason, the tumor interferes with the release of these substances and can cause symptoms such as high blood pressure, headaches, intense sweating and tachycardia. In some cases, the signs can even be confused with those of anxiety, such as tremors, palpitations and panic.

The diagnosis usually happens after some imaging exam, such as computed tomography, as well as blood and urine analysis.

Surgery is usually effective

The treatment indicated for pheochromocytoma is surgery to remove the tumor. In most cases, the entire adrenal gland is removed by a minimally invasive procedure. Before him, specific drugs are indicated to lower blood pressure and avoid risks during the operation.

“THE pheochromocytoma it is a very rare tumor that usually affects people between 20 and 50 years old. In many cases, surgery is sufficient for treatment. But, when they are malignant (about 10% of cases), they are needed other evaluations and complements in treatment, such as radio and chemotherapy “, explains Maluf.

The tumor can be hereditary as well. In such cases, doctors may request that other family members perform tests to check for a predisposition to the disease.


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