Phil Spencer confirms: Bethesda games (ZeniMax) will not go to other platforms


Only on Xbox, PC and xCloud

In an interview with Kotaku, Phil Spencer confirmed that no game gives Bethesda, and of other studios gives ZeniMax, will be released on other platforms. Phil Spencer said this three weeks after buying the company for a $ 7.5 billion trifle.

According to Uncle Phil, it is not necessary launch games on other platforms to recover its billionaire investment that surprised the whole world. Check out what the interviewer and Phil Spencer commented:

Is it possible to recover a $ 7.5 billion investment if you don’t sell Elder Scrolls VI on PlayStation?”Said the interviewer, and Phil Spencer replied:

Sim […] we have xCloud, PC, Game Pass and our console base, no I need to launch these games on no other platform in addition to the platforms we support to make the business work for us […]”These Spencer.

Apparently, Phil Spencer decided hit the hammer and confirmed that all Bethesda games (and other ZeniMax studios) do not need to be released on other consoles (such as the PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch and Stadia) to recover the billionaire investment from Xbox.

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