Phil Spencer on Bethesda: “who create the best games they have ever created” –


Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax has completely shaken the industry, due to the numbers, the studios, and the licenses involved. The acquisition process itself is still stuck with technicalities, but that hasn’t stopped Phil Spencer from talking about his goal for ZeniMax, Bethesda, and their studios.

“In terms of what I want in the long run, I want these fantastic studios to create the best games they have ever created. Todd Howard [lĂ­der da Bethesda Softworks] and I have known each other for several years, and we have already talked about this partnership. I looked him in the eye and asked, ‘ok, are we really going to do this?’, And he replied, ‘I want to produce the best games I have ever produced, and I want Microsoft’s support to do that.’ We believe that the same will happen with studios like Arkane, id Software, and Machine Games. I want to support them so that they could get the best job possible.

To read Phil Spencer’s full interview with Gamereactor, click here.


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