Phil Spencer “puts” great hope on the Xbox Series S


On the 10th of November we will have the possibility to get our hands on the new Microsoft consoles, namely on Xbox Series X and also in its less powerful sister, the Xbox Series S. The first, is sold at € 499, and will feature a 1TB SSD and will be able to run games in 4K resolution, while the second costs € 299, will be only digital and limited to 1440p resolution, not to mention your SSD more lens and with lower storage capacity. So, given the differences between the two consoles, it’s easy to think that the Series S will be “neglected”.

After discussing the purchase of Bethesda and, in particular, the fate of the Western RPG master’s games, Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, decided to talk again about the differences of his consoles and, contrary to what is thought, the latter is particularly confident in the sales of Xbox Series S. Although he says that the Xbox Series X will be faster when the two machines are launched, he says that the S version will find its place in users’ homes, over time, thanks to its particularly attractive price. But in any case, according to his words, it is the stocks available that will dictate the number of sales when the new consoles are launched.

I think we will sell all units of the two that we can deliver. I think that the demand will exceed only pre-orders. For us and PlayStation, I think the manufacturing supply chain will dictate market share more than anything else.

Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer believes in the success of the Xbox Series S

After giving a quick update on sales, in an interview with the Kotaku folks, Phil Spencer focused on the performance of the two machines and, although the Xbox Series X is more powerful in all aspects, he specifies that some of the games carry more fast on the S Series, because the console doesn’t need to load 4K resolution which, as we remember, requires a lot of resources.

However, in addition to the resolution, there is a real difference between the two consoles, the Xbox Series S will have only 10GB of RAM against the 16GB that are present in the Xbox Series X. And this difference worries some developers, in which the most recent case to demonstrating the same is that of David Cage, who is afraid that the difference in power between them will reduce generation.
In turn, Phil Spencer, while recognizing that this is an additional workload, specifies that he is not concerned, since according to him, programmers have proven many years ago that they are able to offer several configurable options on the PC so that games are compatible on as many machines as possible.

I think we have some evidence that, as we said, it shows that you can get absolutely incredible games on excellent PC hardware and those games are sized for different hardware resources. It works. there is no doubt.

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